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Promo Trailers

This day and age, almost everything online comes down to a few key factors: Is it digestible and concise? Is it entertaining? Does it offer value? And, is it easy to understand? When clients approach us because they are looking for a way to tell the world their story, there are multiple approaches to take. 

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What is a promo trailer?

A promo trailer is a concise and compelling way to tell viewers your story. They are brief, informative, and get to the heart of a message quickly. They allow businesses and initiatives to promote what they are doing easily across multiple platforms. 

"About Us" Trailer

The most popular kind of Promo Trailer we do is called the "About Us" Trailer. Different video products and segments work well for different businesses, but this one is our tried and true. To put it simply, if you have a business, you need to work to craft your brand messaging. Once you've narrowed down your messaging, you need to convey it to the world. It's simple! 

Typically, the About Us trailer is a great way to get started if you are new to video and want something to share on social media, but also embed in the "About" page of your website. 

Some clients want quick clips for social, while others desire more of a narrative or news style piece. The good news is - we'll customize a video promo package to fit your needs. Just send us a note, tell us your vision, and we'll book you a complimentary phone consultation to get the ball (and then cameras) rolling.

Virtual Business Card

The Virtual Business Card is just what it sounds like! You can opt to do one of these as an add-on to a larger video package, or hire us to do it as a stand-alone content piece. 

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a 35 second, professionally shot video (sorry, iPhones) to share quickly and easily with new contacts you meet? What if you could go to a networking event and instead of sharing a physical card, you could AirDrop or send a LinkedIn note with a quick and friendly "hello!" with your Virtual Business Card video link. It is an easy and fun way to remind those you were networking with WHO you are WHAT your face looks like. Not to mention, it will surely help you stand out. 

Never underestimate the power of imagery and how it embeds important people into our memories. This is the latest and greatest way to give your elevator pitch. How cool are you?!


We like to think that the sky is the limit when it comes to creating. Film editing, shooting, scripting, and storyboarding all boils down to one thing - artistic vision. This category of Promo trailers will allow for us to do a bit of a deeper dive into the film world and come up with some off the cuff and abstract ways to tell your story. 

We're totally not bashing the traditional About Us format (see above!) however getting a little edgy is what makes film producing so fun. Think of it like this - we create a traditional "About Us" video for you (in a news magazine format) but you also want a cool, upbeat, and hip Promo to highlight one specific aspect of your business. 

Here's an example: Lets say you own a restaurant. You want something different than a traditional About Us trailer. You want more upbeat music, funky mood lighting, and epic looking detail shots of the food, the vibe and the atmosphere of your dining room and bar. We'll come in and get cool, one-of-a-kind product shots, abstract angles, and fun fast-paced cuts to take back to the editing room. We'll weave together your promo so instead of coming across as an informative piece, it will be more of an interactive and experiential vibe. Your viewers will feel like they were in the room, and will be chomping at the bit (pun intended) to get in and see your space for themselves. 

Packages and Pricing

All packages are custom based on the project scope including estimated on-location shoot time, post production processing, editing and color correction, music purchase and licensing, etc. Please send us an email via the Contact page to set up a complimentary phone consult to discuss details further.

From there, we will present you with a formal quote for services

Virtual Business Cards begin at $450

About Us Trailers begin at $950

Doc-Style pieces begin at $650

About Us Video - SOGO Action

We had the privilege of creating an "About Us" video trailer for SOGO Action - a unique console gaming and STEM learning center. SOGO welcomes kids of all ages to play and learn on 3D printers, virtual reality machines, team video gaming, E-League tournaments, and so much more.

Virtual Business Card

2017 - Deb Lucci of William Raveis gives her elevator pitch

Mogul Media - Editor/Videographer Demo Reel

A demo reel/sample compilation of field interviews,

 testimonials, and corporate promo trailers

Custom Promo - Lillian Montalto Real Estate

2017 - This video is a quick sample of what we offer clients in terms of a custom promotional trailer. Promos are unique in that each one is tailored to the client based on their specific vision. Lillian came to us with the hopes of creating a short series of "tips and tricks" for home buyers. 

With the use of narrative B-Roll (filler footage) and on-camera footage of Lillian herself, we created a few of these custom segments for social media.