Hello there! My name is

Morgan healeY

The 'Mo' behind Mogul Media. I’m a digital content creator, 

video/photo producer, and on-camera reporter turned entrepreneur. 

I specialize in helping people and brands tell their story. 

Here’s mine...


Everyone has a story...

I've been intrigued by the art of the narrative for as long as I can remember. As a young student, I would look forward to English fact, it was my favorite part of the day. When I reflect, I find this both nerdy and inspiring. In a way, I feel I've come full circle. 

My path as a multi-media journalist began in Mrs. Cabeca's fourth grade class, where I would scribble away creative short stories in my Lisa Frank notebook (God love her!) I remember having a mind that was always moving, always curious, always wanting to know more. It was never enough for me to hear "well this is just the way it is" - no matter the subject, I just had to know why. My ability to dig deep into things has been a blessing in my life (and a curse, in some ways) but it has always afforded me the ability to not only see the bigger picture, but have the perspective to look beyond what meets the eye. I like getting to the core of things, because it is my belief that this is where you can find true meaning, true vulnerability, and ultimately the "realness" of a person, place, or thing. 

We live in an extremely fast-paced world with a lot of "fluff" - constantly pulling us in different directions, forcing us to do and say and be things we're not. It is imperative to take time to quiet the noise and find stillness and our true essence

This ability has allowed for me to become an effective communicator, and someone who is passionate about solving problems. I've always been solution-oriented. I believe whole-heartedly that with a little time, open-mindedness, and honest communication - anything is possible. 

We all have roots, and we all have a reason we are the way we are. Companies are a lot like people in this way. It doesn't matter if you're talking about an individual human being, a family, a couple, or a large corporation - there's meaning behind each and every entity. This fact fascinates me and drives me forward as a producer, and digital storyteller. 

When I got to Boston College, I realized that being in print journalism wasn't quite matching the full breadth of my passion, which is why I pivoted into television and film. I love imagery, audio, and weaving those beautiful elements all together (I guess I should mention I've always been a TV person) Whether it was standing 5 inches away from the screen every time an award show like the Oscars or Golden Globes came on (I still do that to this day) or constantly making comments about a beautifully shot commercial, 

I've always had an eye for the composition, the symbolism,

 and the aesthetic behind ads, films, and TV shows. 

Fast forward to present day, I own Mogul Media and work with brands to tell their story. I develop their digital video content and photography. I work with couples to cover their wedding day and showcase their love story. I cover corporate and personal events, making a 

 gallery of pictures or video trailers from the day. 

I curate personalized video content for social media - such as testimonials, on-camera interviews, news packages, PSAs, creative "About Us" video commercials, etc. 

I also follow my passion for TV by freelancing as an on-camera host and reporter,

 covering lifestyle news. 

Thank you for taking the time to be here, and for reading a bit about my personal story.

I can't wait to hear yours.

xo, Mo

   We are Mogul Media. Our focus:

   Finding the heart of your story.

Our experience

Back end editing is a passion at Mogul Media. Whether photo or video, we love producing

Morgan trains and coaches her clients on how to excel while telling their story on camera

Morgan trains and coaches her clients on how to excel while telling their story on camera


What is your brand story? Will you use pictures, video, or a combination of both to tell it? We live in an image-driven world, and we're here to help you get started with curating content your audience is dying to see.

Morgan trains and coaches her clients on how to excel while telling their story on camera

Morgan trains and coaches her clients on how to excel while telling their story on camera

Morgan trains and coaches her clients on how to excel while telling their story on camera


Quick Facts


Morgan has a degree in Broadcast Journalism and Communications from Boston College



Notable field interviews...

- Danny Amendola, former NE Patriots wide receiver

- Film Producer John Raatz (pictured at right)

- Former MA Senator Scott Brown

- Former NJ Governor Chris Christie 


Memorable event coverage...

Fulfilling a life-long dream, Morgan did video coverage at an indie-designer event during New York Fashion Week in 2016


Detail & product shots are our fave...

Did we mention we love fashion? Morgan's dad worked for the Nike Corporation for over 25 years which inspired her greatly. In addition to being a lifelong athlete, she's also a shoe-lover. 

Watching her dad's work in sales gave her a keen eye for 

product branding and marketing. 

We are...



Content Producers

Brand Amplifiers

What is that one of a kind element that makes your brand unique?

Why does your company stand out amidst the competition? What is your "nugget" or "brand thesis" statement? Exploring these questions and the "who, what, why?" is a crucial step in finding your brand voice, and ultimately allowing for us to tell your unique story.

As a journalist and reporter, Morgan (Owner of Mogul Media) is trained in knowing how to ask the right questions, and draw out the heart behind each and every piece she creates. In fact, this skill is Mogul Media's "nugget" or defining brand element. Sure, there are tons of production and media companies out there...but as an on-camera reporter and field journalist herself, Morgan knows what it takes to ask those questions that help you find your answer. 

Her gift is coaching you on and off camera, and weaving together your brand narrative, much like a compelling news package. 

Interested in our services for writing articles and copy? Just ask.


Brand Amplifiers

Content Producers

Brand Amplifiers

Okay, so you've found the heart of your story. You know what you want to say in your video campaign. You even have photo and video content lined up in a library folder on your computer. 

Great! Now, we need to amplify your brand as marketers, and get the word out there.

As you well know, social media is a great tool (if not the most important tool) in this day and age for getting eye-balls on your site, and on your work.

Think about it, years ago, companies had to pay thousands of dollars for a radio ad campaign, and millions of dollars just to broadcast a 45 second video spot on TV. 

In 2020, you have the amazing advantage of being able to be your own broadcast company, in addition to your actual business. You can publish (for cheap money) to hundreds if not thousands of viewers - and all you need is a strategy and good content to get there. 

We're here to help you get ready to hit "PUBLISH" on your posts with the utmost confidence. 


Content Producers

Content Producers

Content Producers

One of the most challenging parts about being in business is knowing that you need content, but not knowing where to start. The truth is, most business owners aren't experts in the fields of social media, photography, and video 

(that's where we come in!)

We want you to focus on doing what you do best...YOUR craft. Your time should be spent focused on your client, and growing your business in the market. 

You might be asking yourself:

 "What types of photos do I need?" -  "How do I set up a webcam or shoot a live video?" - "How do I create compelling video trailers to tell a client about an offering or promotion?" - "HOW on Earth do I write a script?!"

Content is our craft, and we 

can't wait to get started.